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Worship, Nurture, and Mission

We long to worship God as He is revealed in the Word of God, the Bible.  We do that by exalting and honoring Jesus Christ as the only Savior and rightful Lord of sinful men and women like us. We seek to live in a way that is obedient and pleasing to God and testifies, both in word and action, to His greatness and glory.  That’s Worship.  We also desire to life our lives together in community, exhorting and encouraging one another to growing faith in Christ and obedience to the Word of God, making our lives with one another, caring for and loving one another in the same way that God has loved us. That’s Nurture.  Last, we want everyone to know about the love of God in Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life that can only be had through faith in Him as Savior and Lord. So, for that reason we are open and committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our family, our friends, our community, and the world! That’s Mission.

Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

Sunday School 9:15 AM

Wednesday Night Service 6:30 PM